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Launching Our New Comms/ Fundraising Workshop- Unleashing The Potential Of Your Charity

Launching our new Comms/ Fundraising Workshop- Unleashing the Potential of Your Charity

Struggling to inspire donors with your charity’s messaging and communications? We get it. Effective branding and communications take time, money, and know-how……resources many small and medium nonprofits lack.

That’s why we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to develop a practical workshop to help you strengthen your organisation’s external communications with hands-on guidance.

Understand how your organisation’s messaging, look & feel can inspire people to give.

Do you work in a small or medium-sized charity and worry that your communications aren’t achieving their full potential?  Do you question whether your impact and values are effectively being shared? Are you concerned that your external image and messages aren’t packing a punch to potential donors? Is there some concern within your team that potential donor audiences are not being reached? Are your stories hitting the mark, or misfiring? Is developing that newsletter or social media plan lingering on your to-do list but you have no idea how to tackle it with limited resources and capacity?

If these and other comms challenges are giving you a headache, but you just don’t have the resources to employ a dedicated role to effectively improve your external ‘look, feel and messaging’ – then Nova Fundraising & Design Couch are hoping to offer some speedy relief to your anxieties.  We all know how important good communications and brand are in supporting fundraising, stewarding donors and ultimately achieving fundraising results, but we regularly see the gaps that exist in small and medium charities in both fundraising and communications success when organisations lack capacity, resource and know-how to deliver the desired work – despite knowing that there are important things you want to convey and new potential audiences you want to reach.

We have spotted that very few courses or workshops seem to exist to empower charities to build their own skills around optimising communication assets and materials which can actively improve fundraising performance. Consequently we have combined forces with T from Design Couch – a total whizz with all things brand, image, colour and ‘feel’ to bring you a practical new workshop – ‘Unleashing your Communications Potential’ – at an introductory rate of £175+VAT for an entire morning of knowledge-building, skill-sharing, access to toolkits and takeaways – that will add rocket-fuel to your look, feel and impact – and ensure that no potential donor, member, beneficiary, or partner – can miss your work.

With our signature energy and straight-talking style, the two Emma’s – plus the skilled and colourful T – will teach and support you to refine your organisation’s communication power and become excited to share your charity’s impact so you are proud to have a light shone on your organisation.

Come along with your assets, materials, messages and stories – we want to look, learn and support each other to thrive at our communications.



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