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Nova Fundraising Coaching for Sole Fundraisers

Are you a sole fundraiser, or perhaps a regional fundraiser who could use some support, advice or guidance?

There are many ways coaching can help support you to do great fundraising, whilst achieving a work-life balance.

What can coaching offer me?

  • Guidance in helping to devise a new fundraising strategy
  • Help to facilitate reviewing existing strategies
  • Help you to work through and overcome specific challenges
  • Sounding board for specific or ongoing projects
  • Ongoing contact to help you keep focused on your goals and activities to help you achieve your goals

Why should I get a coach?

  • Cost effective way of getting expert fundraising support
  • Help you stay focused on the important things and get the results you need
  • Reduce the risk of burn-out and stress
  • Provide new insights and approaches to problems and challenges

What is the time commitment?

It is really up to you and what you want to get out of coaching.  It may be that you want support for a specific project or time period and are after a few sessions.  Or perhaps you would like ongoing support. We can discuss your needs and find something that suits you and your budget.

Want to find out a bit more, or see if we could be a good fit for coaching?
Why not get in contact for a chat?

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