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Nova Fundraising Readiness Programme

As fundraising professionals we have identified through our extensive experience of developing fundraising programmes, that certain foundations need to be in place in order for a fundraising programme to truly shine and to save a lot of costs further down the line.

The Fundraising Readiness Programme reviews your organisation’s culture, stakeholders, capacity and resources to deliver a successful and sustainable Fundraising Programme.

What does it entail?

  • Internal stakeholder interviews, surveys and workshops
  • Review of your organisation’s current resources and structures to support fundraising
  • Identify possible fundraising prospects
  • Identify possible fundable projects
  • Review and develop key messaging for fundraising communications

What are the key benefits of the Fundraising Readiness Programme?

  • Help ensure you have the right culture, structures and resources in place to improve your chances of fundraising success
  • Educate and empower your key internal stakeholders around fundraising
  • Help to overcome fear around fundraising or ‘asking’
  • Develop a key set of recommendations from which to begin your fundraising journey
  • Save costs or disappointment further down the line

Want to discuss further how your organisation could benefit from the Fundraising Readiness Programme?  Get in touch for a no obligation chat.

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