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Fundraising Strategy

What is it?

Want to take your fundraising to a whole new level? Nova Fundraising can work with you to help identify the best course of action to take that will make your organisation’s fundraising shine!

Who is it for?

Small charities looking for a new strategic direction or charities ready to take their first step into fundraising and looking for a roadmap on how to get there! Our fundraising strategies are tailor-made, never ‘off-the-shelf” and put the organisation and its people at the heart.

What’s included?

  • Internal Stakeholder engagement
  • Horizon scanning of competitor and collaborators
  • Identification of key markets
  • Develop appropriate and captivating philanthropic messaging and a case for support for your identified audiences
  • Prioritisation of activities
  • Plan of action on how to execute your key fundraising activities
  • Budget and KPI development
  • Monitoring and Evaluating guides


Testimonial - Fundraising Strategy for Open Age UK

“Through Nova Fundraising, Emma Low and Emma-Louise Singh delivered an analytical, well-researched and insightful fundraising strategy for Open Age. They are clearly experts in their field, extremely energetic and demonstrate great synergy and complementary skills working as a team.

I really valued the way they took the time to get to know the organisation and staff to truly understand how we work, in order to make tailored and evidence-based recommendations. My team found them extremely easy to work with and I think their “two-for-one” model was a real benefit to the organisation”

Iain Cassidy,
CEO, Open Age

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