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“Nova really know their stuff, they were able to support me personally as the charity director, but also us – as a wider charity. We needed direction, to understand how we should move forward and where to best apply our efforts and Emma and Emma-Louise were the perfect partners for this. They helped me to develop my understanding of how grants work, how we should frame our ask and who to ask and without this support I am confident we would not be in the position we are in today.

 Our support from Nova was formed of multiple strands, from helping us to be ‘fundraising ready’, developing our case for support and understanding how to frame our projects and frame the outcomes. They also reviewed our website and community fundraising and gave us tips to make improvements in multiple areas. Their support in making some big decisions was reassuring and helped me to feel confident that we were choosing the right path.
They are an enthusiastic team of cheerleaders as well as being able to give clear direction and were happy to give me the feedback I needed to grow and develop my own skills to progress our fundraising plans. I am in no doubt that the investment we made in Nova will pay dividends, and would not hesitate to work with them again.
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