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Charity Horizons
Fundraiser Recruitment Package

What is it?

Nova Fundraising has formed a partnership with charity recruitment experts, Leanne Roberts and Charlotte Mynard of Charity Horizons. They are hugely experienced charity recruitment consultants and together we can provide the technical skills and expertise to ensure that Nova Fundraising clients recruit a fundraiser using best practice methods. This includes ensuring best Equality, Diversity & Inclusion practices and that the right channels are used to attract appropriate candidates. Nova Fundraising provide the necessary ‘fundraising insight’ and Charity Horizons bring highly skilled recruitment skills. Consequently, your charity gains the ‘double-the-value’ from engaging two well-known small-charity agencies.

Why Fundraising Recruitment?

Nova Fundraising’s priority is two-pronged. Firstly, we aim to remove the administration and workload of an onerous recruitment process from our small charity clients, and secondly we are recruiting for optimum performance against your charity’s fundraising strategy. The recruitment partnership between Nova and Charity Horizons is also committed to the wellbeing of fundraisers, and therefore we will work hard to establish that your organisation is clear on the role to be filled; there is a degree of ‘fundraising readiness’ within your organisation and that you are fully prepared to invest in the fundraiser’s career and job satisfaction.

For further information on Fundraiser Recruitment Packages email or call us on 07787518599


DASH - Domestic Abuse Charity Testimonial

“As CEO at DASH – a domestic abuse charity serving Berkshire – I am delighted to say that our experience of the Nova Fundraising and Charity Horizons Fundraiser Recruitment Service for Small Charities was extremely positive. They fully immersed themselves in listening to our fundraising staff needs, creatively developing a suitable role; and promoting and searching the market. Their selection process was seamless and helpfully managed outside of our limited staff capacity. The combination of small charity fundraising experts (Nova Fundraising), with their experienced recruitment partners (Charity Horizons) is both an original and rational new model in our sector – which is extremely timely given the significant shortage of fundraising talent, especially in the small charity space. We really are grateful, and Bonita – our wonderful new addition is a fabulous new addition to our small team”


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