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Any charity, regardless of size or available resource has the potential to do great fundraising.

Nova Fundraising offers a range of professional fundraising consultancy services, specifically aimed at small – medium sized charities who are looking to develop, review or implement a new fundraising programme.

Our fundraising services are tailored to your organisation and apply hands on practical experience integrated with fundraising academic theory and research to inform the best possible solutions for your organisation.

Nova Fundraising Readiness Programme

Fundraising Readiness

Get clarity on if your charity is ready to pursue fundraising.

Fundraising Kickstart Programme

Fundraising Kickstart Programme

Practical support to help your organisation launch its first ever fundraising programme.

Fundraising Refresh & Reboot

Fundraising Refresh & Reboot

 A 360 degree strategic review of your fundraising to date, with the objective of recommending a set of practicable, actionable and impactful tasks to help get your fundraising programme back on track.

Fundraiser Recruitment Package

Fundraiser Recruitment Package

In partnership with Charity Horizons.
Together, we can provide the technical skills and expertise to ensure that Nova Fundraising clients recruit a fundraiser using best practice methods.

Fundraising Optimisation and Income-Boosting Packages

Fundraising Optimisation & Income-Boosting Packages

(One on One Support for those responsible for Fundraising)
we casn provide appropriate support and ‘be in the wings’ for fundraisers, CEOs and Boards of Trustees.

Fundraising Strategy

Fundraising Strategy

Want to take your fundraising to a whole new level? Nova Fundraising can work with you to help identify the best course of action to take that will make your organisation’s fundraising shine!

Fundraising Delivery & Implementation

Fundraising Delivery & Implementation

Are you looking for hands-on strategic and practical fundraising support that can hit the ground running?


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Blackwood Miners’ Institute Testimonial

“Thank you again for such a rewarding mentoring experience.  I had some awareness of fundraising before we started but a little bit of knowledge was a dangerous thing, and I didn’t know where to begin.  It was so helpful to be able to sit down with you and tease out what exactly is relevant for Blackwood Miners’ Institute.  Your warmth and patience made the experience a pleasure, and I can’t thank you enough for the guidance, resources and knowledge.  Our sessions have got me enthused for what can be achieved at Blackwood Miners’ in the future.”

RAFT Testimonial

“RAFT have been through a period of significant change in the last two years, not least because of the Covid issues, which have particularly hit non-covid related medical research charities such as ourselves. Nova were tasked with reviewing the history of our fundraising and help us decide what our next steps should be. They held interviews with the Executive team and a number of Trustees.  Nova produced a well-researched report covering some of the history and background to our fundraising and funders. Based on this, and having regard to the funding challenges that all are facing at the moment, they made a number of useful recommendations on what we need to say and do to attract funders, existing and new. Nova have indeed done a very useful piece of work which is clearly of value in shaping our thoughts on the way ahead”

Testimonial - Dr Andrew Mowat, Chairman British Medical Association Charities

"As a small charity, with a small staff resource, BMA Charities Trustees have been delighted with the easy, constructive and enabling approach to Fundraising Readiness which Nova Fundraising have taken to help our charity understand its own needs, and the process for getting to where we need to be with fundraising. Trustees have felt engaged in and informed by the reporting process and have had complexities thoroughly explained in a very human way. We have been better able to see and understand the gaps in our thinking, and to have that thinking organised in a way which helps us be more strategic, and to identify resource needs from the very start.

Nova Fundraising have helped the Trustees see the bigger picture in easily understood language, provided reality checks where necessary, and helped us to identify specific targets and timescales for fundraising. We would have little hesitation in recommending them to other small charities."

Testimonial - Fundraising Strategy for Open Age UK

"Through Nova Fundraising, Emma Low and Emma-Louise Singh delivered an analytical, well-researched and insightful fundraising strategy for Open Age. They are clearly experts in their field, extremely energetic and demonstrate great synergy and complementary skills working as a team.

I really valued the way they took the time to get to know the organisation and staff to truly understand how we work, in order to make tailored and evidence-based recommendations. My team found them extremely easy to work with and I think their “two-for-one” model was a real benefit to the organisation."

Iain Cassidy
CEO, Open Age
Basingstoke Counselling Service

“Nova Fundraising really helped us to gain some deeper insights into the environment that Basingstoke Counselling Services operates within and helped us to see our organisations from the outside looking in, as a funder or potential donor would. They undertook a very detailed and comprehensive 'Horizon Scan’ review of other organisations operating in our locality or doing similar work to us, looking at services offered as well as income generating activity and opportunities. This means that we are now in a better position to review our own provision and positioning in the market as we look to develop our organisational strategy. Now we feel informed of where our strengths and unique offering could lie and how we may position our organisation to help with further growth and income generation.”

Louise Hewitson and Julia Charlesworth
Co-Directors Basingstoke Counselling Service
Bryntail Cottage Charity Testimonial

“The training provided to me by Nova has been outstanding. The consultants really listened and understood our requirements and the advice was specifically tailored to our needs. This included real time advice on a live grant application for £250,000”

Carers Trust South East Wales Testimonial

“Emma-Louise has provided CTSEW with fantastic insights and support as we work to develop our fundraising foundations. The coaching from Emma-Louise has been enjoyable, productive and relevant to our work. Emma-Louise’s advice has helped us make some big decisions in regards to our future fundraising plans and we will be recruiting two new fundraising roles to build a sustainable future for CTSEW”

Oasis Cardiff Testimonial

"Emma is endlessly knowledgeable, she approached our mentoring in a way that aligned with current work and charity values. She encouraged and challenged us to think about how we are approaching fundraising and how we can improve it. We are looking forward to continue practicing what we have learnt from Emma!"

Tess Seymour
Oasis Cardiff
Testimonial - Waterloo Communirt Conselling - Fundraising Strategy

"Nova Fundraising helped us to get back on track with our fundraising. Emma-Louise was able to come in and review our Trusts programme and secure several five-figure multi-year grants at a critical time for the organisation. She has also mentored our new Trusts and Grants Fundraiser during the difficult Covid-19 pandemic, which subsequently led to us securing vital funding that has enabled us to respond to crisis, but also plan beyond the pandemic.

Nova Fundraising’s services have been a hugely effective and cost-efficient way for our small organisation to begin to develop and maintain a successful fundraising programme."

DASH - Domestic Abuse Charity Testimonial

Recruitment Service

“As CEO at DASH – a domestic abuse charity serving Berkshire – I am delighted to say that our experience of the Nova Fundraising and Charity Horizons Fundraiser Recruitment Service for Small Charities was extremely positive. They fully immersed themselves in listening to our fundraising staff needs, creatively developing a suitable role; and promoting and searching the market. Their selection process was seamless and helpfully managed outside of our limited staff capacity. The combination of small charity fundraising experts (Nova Fundraising), with their experienced recruitment partners (Charity Horizons) is both an original and rational new model in our sector – which is extremely timely given the significant shortage of fundraising talent, especially in the small charity space. We really are grateful, and Bonita – our wonderful new addition is a fabulous new addition to our small team”

Fight Bladder Cancer Testimonial

“Nova Fundraising knows the strengths and limitations of small health charities. They are able to build a sensible fundraising plan from scratch, addressing donations, fundraising, grants, trusts, in-memorial, and legacy pledges. They have a clear vision of where the charity should be in five years time, and build in practical and achievable short-term goals to gradually increase the fundraising capacity of the charity over time. They are responsive self-starters who are full of enthusiasm and optimism, and take the time to get to know all their clients personally to ensure that they are delivering a perfectly tailored solution. I highly recommend them to any small charity that wants to improve its fundraising capabilities while also focusing on capturing and improving its charitable impact.”

Cummunity Impact Bucks testimonial

Emma-Louise Singh and Emma Low from Nova Fundraising delivered an Income Review, Theory of Change and Fundraising Strategy for Community Impact Bucks. It was a fabulous partnership working with these seasoned fundraisers. Not only did they take a collaborative approach and provide immense extra value during their contract with us, but at every point – from working with our board, to engaging with our staff team and stakeholders – they provided a professional and focused service, at the same time as being warm, engaged and behaving like an extension to our team. With the end-point beneficiary always at the front of their minds, Nova Fundraising taught us a great deal about being impact-driven in our messages and innovative in our income-generating activity.”

Autistic Minds Testimonial

“As a small ambitious charity based in South Wales working with the autistic community, we have been thrilled to have benefited from the fundraising skills, commitment and support of Nova Fundraising. From mentoring us through the pandemic, to carrying out a review and planning process, helping us to recruit a fundraiser and now helping us build our Trust Fundraising programme – we have been so impressed by their nurturing and practical approach.  They have helped us develop our case for support and our menu of ‘asks’ and all of this work really is beginning to reap rewards. I can’t endorse them more highly. Their ‘Fundraising Optimisation Service’ is definitely a value for money way of gaining access to hands-on fundraising expertise to build our own capacity internally."

Mast Cell Action logo

"Nova really know their stuff, they were able to support me personally as the charity director, but also us - as a wider charity. We needed direction, to understand how we should move forward and where to best apply our efforts and Emma and Emma-Louise were the perfect partners for this. They helped me to develop my understanding of how grants work, how we should frame our ask and who to ask and without this support I am confident we would not be in the position we are in today.

 Our support from Nova was formed of multiple strands, from helping us to be ‘fundraising ready’, developing our case for support and understanding how to frame our projects and frame the outcomes. They also reviewed our website and community fundraising and gave us tips to make improvements in multiple areas. Their support in making some big decisions was reassuring and helped me to feel confident that we were choosing the right path.
They are an enthusiastic team of cheerleaders as well as being able to give clear direction and were happy to give me the feedback I needed to grow and develop my own skills to progress our fundraising plans. I am in no doubt that the investment we made in Nova will pay dividends, and would not hesitate to work with them again."
Iain Cassidy
CEO, Open Age
Testimonial - Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis - Fundraising Strategy

"Emma-Louise is the consummate professional and has a great ability to marshall ideas, goals and aspirations and turn them into a solid fundraising strategy. Although she is a fundraiser with broad experience, for us her skills were most valuable in her ability to evaluate data and plan and execute strategy and campaigns. She operates with integrity, delivers to deadlines and provides constructive support in a highly polished, yet economical way."

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