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Nova Fundraising Readiness Programme

What is it?

Tailored questionnaires and workshops with Trustees, CEOs and other key stakeholders within your organisation to inform a set of recommendations on the readiness of your organisation to fundraise.

Who is this for?

This is aimed for Trustees and CEO’s who are considering implementing a fundraising programme for the first time for their organisation. Perhaps you are wondering if now is the right time, or if your organisation has what it takes to be successful in fundraising, or perhaps you want to understand more what fundraising may look like for your organisation?

What’s included?:

  • Internal stakeholder engagement (through surveys, interviews and workshops)
  • Horizon Scan report relevant to your sector
  • Fundraising project and audience reviews and recommendations
  • Board of Trustees workshop
  • Clear recommendations and guidance on the readiness of your organisation to fundraise


Testimonial - Dr Andrew Mowat, Chairman British Medical Association Charities

“As a small charity, with a small staff resource, BMA Charities Trustees have been delighted with the easy, constructive and enabling approach to Fundraising Readiness which Nova Fundraising have taken to help our charity understand its own needs, and the process for getting to where we need to be with fundraising. Trustees have felt engaged in and informed by the reporting process and have had complexities thoroughly explained in a very human way. We have been better able to see and understand the gaps in our thinking, and to have that thinking organised in a way which helps us be more strategic, and to identify resource needs from the very start.

Nova Fundraising have helped the Trustees see the bigger picture in easily understood language, provided reality checks where necessary, and helped us to identify specific targets and timescales for fundraising. We would have little hesitation in recommending them to other small charities.”

Dr Andrew Mowat,
Chairman, British Medical Association Charities

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